Welcome to the PI3K Pathways Summit

With 5 currently approved PI3K inhibitors in the market, and countless investments, M&As and candidates entering the clinical stages, the PI3K pathways space has experienced significant growth in recent years.

The inaugural PI3K Pathways Summit is the industry’s only definitive conference providing in depth exploration of the biochemical basis of the pathway, the successes and setbacks in gaining approval for PI3K inhibitors and the future advances which will potentially aid in overcoming issues with tolerability, toxicity and resistance associated with PI3K inhibitors.

Join the online discussion at the only digital platform dedicated to bringing together the community of PI3K experts from large pharma, innovative biotechs and research institutes for a unique opportunity to address the challenges of targeting the PI3K and AKT pathway, evaluate strategies for overcoming these challenges to define next generation PI3K drugs and participate in cross-disciplinary discussions with fellow industry peers.

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Our Conference Chair:

Our World-Class Speaker Faculty Includes:

Harish Dave

Chief Medical Officer

AUM Biosciences

James Garner

Chief Executive Officer & Managing Director

Kazia Therapeutics

Lewis Cantley


Meyer Cancer Center, Weill Cornell Medicine and New York Presbyterian Hospital

Nishan Rajakumaraswamy

Director, Clinical Research, Oncology/ Hematology

Gilead Sciences

Zoe Johnson

Chief Scientific Officer


George Poulogiannis

Team Leader, Signaling & Cancer Metabolism

The Institute of Cancer Research

Jochen Lorch

Professor of Medicine & Medical Director of the Head & Neck Program

Northwestern University

Markus Müschen, MD-PhD

Arthur H. and Isabel Bunker Professor of Hematology
Director, Center of Molecular and Cellular Oncology

Yale University

Priyanka Tibarewal

Research Associate

University College London 

Thomas Rossi

Chief Executive Officer