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Welcome To PI3K Pathways Digital Summit

The PI3K Pathways Digital Summit will share the field’s cutting-edge scientific advances, with a focus on oncology, enabling you to advance your clinical pipeline.

Attend this virtual meeting to discuss novel, cutting edge PI3K inhibitorsshare strategies to overcome toxicity and gain an update of the clinical landscape.

Whether you’re part of a PI3K-focused biotech, a pharmaceutical organization assessing this exciting field, or an academic researcher with breakthrough findings, join the PI3K Pathways Digital Summit as we explore the global advances in PI3K and AKT pathways, and meet like-minded peers who are continuing to understand the mechanistic, preclinical and clinical implication of PI3K in oncology and beyond.

5 Reasons Not To Miss Out:

Discover at PI3K

Discover unpublished preclinical data, key clinical case studies and lessons learnt from both academia and industry to inform your future research decisions.

Discuss at PI3K

Discuss the importance of PI3K inhibitor combination strategies to enhance efficacy, reduce dosage requirements, produce synergistic effects, and mitigate against resistance.

Debate at PI3K

Debate the benefits and challenges of PI3K isoform specific vs pan- PI3K inhibitors in the treatment of both haematological and solid tumours and understand the optimal isoform profile for each.

Explore at PI3K

Explore the immunomodulatory impacts of PI3K inhibitors and recognize the mechanisms of immunomodulation to best achieve immunoenhancement and alleviate toxicity.

Navigate PI3K

Navigate PI3K inhibitor adverse side-effects to reduce on-target toxicity and increase the therapeutic window.